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Instructional Photography Safari and Lightroom Workshop


Join professional wildlife photographer Daniel Dietrich for a full-day workshop in Point Reyes National Seashore.

The day starts in the field with a technical overview of our equipment and the different settings that are critical to wildlife photography. These settings will each be discussed in detail individually as well as how the combination of these settings is used in changing lighting conditions, for different backgrounds and for a variety of wildlife subjects.


We will then practice these techniques on a variety of stationary subjects in the field. We will discuss the results obtained until you are comfortable with how the different settings are used.

Then it is safari time. We will travel from one side of the park to the other looking for bobcats, tule elk, coyote, owls and a variety of other animals. Each animal will allow us to practice our techniques on these different subjects.


By lunchtime we should have accumulated a variety of images from our morning safari that we can review on the big screen together. We will have lunch in one of the most picturesque settings in the park overlooking Drakes Bay.


After lunch we will head inside for lesson number two. We will discuss several additional features of your camera to improve exposure, focusing methods and sharpness. We will then review our images from the morning on the big screen. Here we will review and discuss our images, the techniques that did and did not work and talk about ways we can improve them.


We will then discuss Lightroom in detail.* I will show you my professional workflow on how I import, organize, manage, tag, edit, export, backup and share my images. After our Lightroom session, with our remaining time we will head back out on safari, using our newfound knowledge to capture more images of the park’s wildlife.


The day will end with you armed with the knowledge to ake amazing wildlife images and a memory card full of images from your time on safari.


Pricing for the workshop is $995 for 1 or 2 people. Workshop duration is 10 hours.


For further information or to schedule a workshop, please use the contact us link or call 303-929-8443.


* Afternoon Lightroom session can be replaced with a full afternoon safari if desired.

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