The Safari

We will tailor your safari to the exact goals you have for your time here. If your only goal is to see or photograph your first bobcat, we'll dedicate the day to that goal. If your goal is to see as many animals in the park as possible, we'll do that. The day is all yours.


All safaris start with pickup at your local accommodation. If you are staying outside of the area, we will meet at the entrance to Point Reyes National Seashore.

Photography safaris where guests are using DSLR cameras are limited to 4 persons.


HALF DAY SAFARIS - A half day safari consists of 5 hours in the National Seashore. This can be any 5 hours during the day. Starting near sunrise or ending near sunset is recommended, but of course not required. This is our most popular safari and will give you a great variety of animals to view and photograph.


FULL DAY SAFARIS - A full day safari consist of 10 hours in the National Seashore. Beginning at sunrise or ending at sunset is recommended but certainly not required. Full day safaris are more popular with photographers who are targeting a specific species to watch or photograph. This gives us more time to focus on this specific goal.

A hearty lunch is included on all full day safaris as are snacks and drinks. Snacks and drinks are provided for all half day safaris.

SAFARIS WITH KIDSWe love kids! We have taken out many families with kids of all ages. It is wonderful to see their faces light up when they see their first owl or elk. Helping create the next generation of wildlife lovers and protectors is very important to us.

Check out Conservation Kids ( if your child is interested in photography and conservation and is between the ages of 13 and 18.

What Can We See On Safari?

The park holds incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing and photography. Our favorite animal to watch and photograph is the bobcat. We have spent years learning their patterns and behavior and see them often. They can be seen at any time during the day despite being known for their nocturnal behavior.

Tule Elk are plentiful in the park and can be seen on any trip. Native to the park and endemic to California, this is the best place in the state to view and photograph these incredible animals.

Coyote are seen throughout the park at any time during the day. Our favorite scene to witness is their hunting rodents, where they spring off all four feet and crash nose first into the rodent hole. It is brilliant to watch.

Raptors are plentiful in the park and include hawks, eagles, osprey, harrier, kestrel, peregrine falcons and kites amongst others.

Owls are our favorite birds to find. Barn owls, great horned owls and burrowing owls (in the winter months) can all be seen and photographed, great horned owls being our most successful species to find. 8 species of owls have been found in the park.

Tons of shorebirds and song birds reside here, as well as many migrating species.


If you love marine mammals, elephant seals, sea lions, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, whales and orcas patrol the coast.

Lucky visitors to the park have seen mountain lions, long tailed weasels and badgers.


And of course there is a beautiful vista around every curve. So don't forget your landscape lens for some dramatic scenery shots.